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Polishing machine - GLANCY Print


polishing machine
for 16mm et 35mm films
GLANCY is an universal polishing machine for the triacetate 16mm and 35mm film, on which all usual acetate emulsion carriers can be regenerated on the base side.


dulling or polishing
by changing the glass reel
Depending on the scratches or similar damages on the base side, GLANCY can be used as dulling or polishing machine by simple change of the glass reel. Big diameter of the reel (400 mm) guarantees a highest possible meter capacity with optimal polishing or dulling results.

capstan drive
Film is driven by capstan. GLANCY uses servo systems, which employs the smooth continuousmotion of the Capstan drive system. The capstan drive removes the risk of damaging the negative, even if there is a failure, since it is neither necessary to “pull” nor to “push” the film as is the case when mechanical sprockets, or pins, are located in the film sprocket holes. Film can be
also driven by sprocket (optional)

electronic controlled
GLANCY’s take-up and take-off processes are electrically controlled, as are the other controls and alarms for changing formats, regulating liquid, etc. The feel of polishing liquid takes place through the use of a needle valve.

safety of the operator
GLANCY is equipped with two hermetic doors in order to assure the operator’s safety from acetone vapours.

technical specification
Capacity 600 meter (2000 feet)
Film formats 16mm & 35mm
Film speed variable up to 2000 m/h
Take-off and take-up electronic controlled
Film drive electronic controlled
Glass reel Dulled or polished
Housing diameter 400mm, width 40mm, aluminum cabinet
Solvent used Acetone


Model                Designation
GLANCY 2000    Dulling or polishing machine

Width: 123 cm
Depth: 82 cm
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 200 kg
Gross weight: 280 kg
Power: 220V or 110V single phase 2,5 kVA, 50 or 60 Hz

  Download Polishing machine - GLANCY Data Sheet


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