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Comparison tables - DUAL Series Print

double multi formats screen
Tables in the DUAL series are equipped with a double screen that permits the operator to simultaneously view two films. The optical lenses are designed for the projection of 16mm or 35mm films with academic ratio. Upon request, it is possible to view a cinemascope, super 16mm, super 35mm, 1.66mm, and 1.85mm with magnified aspect ratio.


full flexibility
for 16mm or 35mm film
Film can be made to run horizontally in either direction on one of a series of tracks, each of which is equipped with a clutch and an electromagnetic brake that can be moved by hand. On the 16/35 tables, changing from 16mm to 35mm film does not require any tools since the 16mm and 35mm picture heads are side by side as well as separate magnetic soundtracks are 16mm, 17.5mm, and 35mm.

debrie technologies sprocket
Accurate film transport is achieved by means of a revolving sprocket ring that guarantees smooth and careful film transportation and excellent picture steadiness. For film archives, a special sprocket wheel (for both picture and sound) can accommodate material that has shrunk up to 2%.


special lamp system
Convenient focus adjustment located just next to the optical head allows for the automatic dimming of the lamp system when the film is at rest to protect the film from heat damage. However, it is still possible to have full brightness while the film is in stationary mode, by changing and adjusting the picture lamp from the top.

high sound quality
High quality sound reproduction is possible by means of specially designed amplifiers of 20W output and two loudspeakers (40W each). Wellarranged round potentiometers for each sound channel, as well as for general volume, bass, and treble, all give the machine the capacity to individually match each sound that it needs to reproduce. A recessed panel renders the amplifier controls protected. A system of swivel sound rollers with adjustable dampers and drywheel and a headphone socket, DIN all allow for optimal sound quality. A switch allows the operator to choose between automatic muting at high speeds (20dB less once the speed exceeds 30 fps), and no muting even at high speeds.


variable speed
Speed can be controlled by continuous variation backwards and forwards from 0 to 80 fps in 35mm and 0 to 200 fps in 16mm. Easy operation is rendered by a smooth handle for variable speed in both directions, as well as synchronous speed. Sync speed 24 or 25 fps, whether forward or in reverse, can be switched through a switch placed on the front panel of the table. Hand framing is possible at stand still.





technical specification
Format 35mm 16mm
Brightness 350 Lux 280 Lux
Sharpness 56 lines/mm in the screen 53 lines/mm in the screen
80 lines/mm in the air 80 lines/mm in the air
Picture steadiness < 0,5% in mm < 0,5% in mm
Frequency response COMOPT 80-10 000 Hz +/- 2dB 80-6 300 Hz +/- 2dB
COMMAG 63-10 000 Hz +/- 2dB
SEPMAG 40-12 500 Hz +/- 2dB 63-10 000 Hz +/- 2dB
Signal to noise ratio COMOPT 58 dB 57 dB
SEPMAG 58 dB 58 dB
Wow and flutter SEPMAG weight < 0,3% < 0,3%

Model Designation
DUAL 1620M 16mm 4 plates editor (2p, no sound)
DUAL 1620S 16mm 4 plates editor (2p, 2 COMOPT)
DUAL 1621S 16mm 6 plates editor (2p, 2 COMPOT,1 SEPMAG )
DUAL 3520 35 mm 4 plates editor (2p, 2 COMOPT)
DUAL 3521 35mm 6 plate editor (2p, 2 COMPOT, 1 SEPMAG )
DUAL 3522 35mm 8 plate editor (2p, 2 COMOPT, 2 SEPMAG)
DUAL 3523 35mm 8 plate editor (2p, 2 COMOPT, 3 SEPMAG)
DUAL 163520 4 plates editor (1p 16mm, 1 comopt 16 & 1p 35mm, 1 comopt 35 simultaneously)

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